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Hey there - happy Sunday.

A few quick things from me before we get into the Digest. We’re seven days into Ship 30 for 30, a community of creators writing 30 atomic essays in 30 days. You can follow along my thread here and the thread of all 61 community-members here. If you’re interested in starting a writing habit in 2021, check out ship30for30.com.

One more quick thing: I’m redoing my website and want to set up a testimonial section for the Digest. If you look forward to the Digest every week, I’d appreciate it if you shared a few quick words on your favorite parts about it. Thanks in advance!

That’s it on my end. In this week’s Digest:

Have an epic week!


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💰 Joining Visualize Value with Jack Butcher

Few people provide more free, valuable content than Jack Butcher. Following him on Twitter will change the way you think about time, leverage, business, productivity, and the internet. If you’ve never seen them, here’s a thread of his best ideas.

After months of engaging with his tweets, this week I joined the Visualize Value Community. Let me tell you what - this was an incredible investment. The number of resources, smart people, and opportunities in this community can’t be understated.

The fundamentals of Visualize Value are simple.

  • Start spending your time on things with leverage.

  • Divorce your time and income.

  • Learn to write, build, create, design, and sell.

  • Combine all five and become unstoppable.

If you’re looking to start creating in 2021, I highly recommend checking out the Visualize Value Community. The best part, until the end of the day Sunday, Jack is offering 35% of the yearly community membership fee ($100 instead of $149.) Use code THANKS. This is practically stealing.

Spend an hour in this community and your entire worldview will change.

Learn more: Visualize Value

👀 Harry’s Marketing Examples

What an incredible rabbit hole this website is. I don’t know how I made it so long without stumbling across it. It’s a giant curation of the absolute best marketing techniques and campaigns.

Everything from sending a cold email, copywriting, creating content, writing tweets, and email conversion. I’ve already spent hours on this website and plan on spending many more.

I particularly liked these: the psychology of copywriting, rewriting landing pages, and this Twitter Inspiration Handbook.

Spend an hour on this website and you’ll instantly be a better marketer.

Read more: Harry’s Marketing Examples

📝 How Steph Smith Sees the World

After listening to Steph Smith on the Creator Lab Podcast, I dove into her popular blog and it blew me away. She has a unique, authentic writing style with the perfect amount of credibility and unique perspective. She writes about remote work, writing online, technology, and how to learn. She also wrote the bible on creating content in 2020 (link #3.)

A few of my favorites:

Read more: blog.stephsmith.io.

🎧This Week in Podcasts

If you love the Digest and its weekly podcast recommendations, consider checking out the Digest Podcast Compendium. It’s a curation of my favorite podcast episodes ever recorded, tagged, and summarized with three key takeaways. Supporters get three new podcasts and summaries every week plus an invitation to a private Slack group to chat about the best episodes.

I listened to three epic podcasts this week:

  1. Chamath on the Sway Podcast [HIGHLY RECOMMEND]

    I enjoyed this one in a big way. Chamath and Kara chat COVID in 2021, the political climate in America, Chamath’s SPAC focuses, and the potential for a Biological Patriot Act. Here are my takeaways 👇🏼

  2. Jack Butcher on the Danny Miranda Podcast [HIGHLY RECOMMEND]

    This was what sealed the deal on my joining of the Visualize Value community. Jack and Danny chat about creating online, seeking leverage, finding consistency, and divorcing your time and income. You can see my takeaways here 👇🏼

  3. Nathan Latka on the Indie Hackers Podcast

    Nathan Latka is the king of leverage. The number of systems this guy has working for him at any given time is absurd. He’s rewritten the playbook on scaling a podcast, starting a company, and building a SaaS business. This episode is a deep dive into how he sees the world.

🧠 Idea Corner

🥃 Sunday Chaser

Looks like New York City is getting along just fine.

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